MIX Assistance - Example [EN]

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For the following content, we have chosen a realistic situation of an incident with fictitious companies and persons.

Company "Dupli Verpackungen GmbH" from Germany has a malfunction on one of its 46 machines. The responsible technician of the current late shift is Ingo Lens and was informed about the fault by the responsible machine operator. Even with many years of experience with the machine, Ingo was not able to rectify the fault after several attempts. He decides to call the service hotline of the machine manufacturer "Optimal Maschinen AG" via smartphone to get further support.

After ringing the bell several times, service technician David Jung answers and greets his already known customer Ingo. Both try to analyse the problem together by telephone - but without success! David finally decides to use the new solution MIX Assistance and asks Ingo to start the app "MIX Viewer" on the Microsoft HoloLens or "MIX Mobile" on his iOS smartphone. Ingo decides for the HoloLens, because the malfunction is in a difficult place and he needs free hands.

Both proceed as follows:


Instruction stepsReference
1Setting up the Microsoft HoloLens and starting it

2Start App "MIX Viewer" with "Air-Tap-Gest" and log in with access data


The main menu of the app is displayed. Start the "Assistance" app with the "Air Tap gesture". A dialog is displayed with the information

that further participants are being waited for. In addition, it displays a 9-digit number that can be used as the conference ID for other participants.

The conference ID is communicated to David, who is still having an active conversation with Ingo.


Instruction stepsReference
1Launch browser and open WebClient



Log in and enter the conference ID in the "Session number" field.


The connection with Ingo is established. David can now see a live video of Ingo's HoloLens and also communicate with him

via the connection, which is why he ends the active phone call with the smartphone and continues the communication via the software.

4David wants to watch the live video in full screen mode to get a better view of the machine. To do this, he clicks on the full screen mode



In the meantime David has discovered a solution and goes from full screen mode back to normal view with the ESC key and clicks on the "+"

Symbol. Then he can select a file from his PC to send to Ingo. In this case David sends a schematic of the machine as a PDF file, so that Ingo has

a better idea of where he has to work.


Instruction stepsReference

Ingo received the information about the circuit plan via audio signal. In addition, on his Assistance menu in the right tab is displayed a number that

also indicates that Ingo has received a file. Ingo opens the tab with the gesture control (Air-Tap) and the file with the same gesture and places

it anywhere in the room.


Together with David they analyse the problem - but after another 30 minutes they come to no result and decide to invite another colleague

of David to the active conference.

David calls his colleague "Laurent" from France, who was also involved in the development of the machine and has even more in-depth knowledge. He tells him the active conference ID so that he can dial in.


Instruction stepsReference
1Laurent is on the road and therefore takes part in the conference via iOS Smartphone with the communicated conference ID.


Laurent is now in the active conference and can also watch Ingo's live video and communicate with all participants. Laurent shows the error location

using the Live AR drawing functionality.


In the meantime, it has become a little louder in the production hall, which is why Laurent once again communicates the most important instructions

to all participants via group chat in order to avoid any communication errors.

4After a few minutes Laurent found out the problem and showed Ingo the way to the solution so that he could solve the problem successfully.