MIX Assistance - Quick Start [EN]

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To solve complex service tasks, several highly qualified employees are often required at the same time. These are often distributed to different locations and are involved in many projects and tasks. The travel times usually exceed the time required for the actual problem solution on site. With the MIX ASSISTANCE Tele-Assistance solution, the solution times and travel expenses are significantly reduced, so that the productivity of specialists is drastically increased.

With the HoloLens, you always have the conference with your specialist, supporting data and virtual guidance in view and both hands free for what is essential: Your work.

Together with the experts and the information provided live directly at the place of the problem, you can solve the problem quickly and cost-effectively.


The following requirements must be filled for the use of MIX Assistance

You need an active MIX account. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one here.

You must choose at least one of the platforms offered in order to use the solution:

MIX Assistance (Browser)BROWSER
MIX Assistance (HoloLens)DOWNLOAD
MIX Assistance (iOS)DOWNLOAD
MIX Assistance (Android)DOWNLOAD
MIX Assistance (Realware HMT-1)