MIX AssetBox - Upload Asset [EN]

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Different types of files can be stored in the AssetBox. The following formats are supported:

3D-FormatsFBX, STP, STEP, CATPart, CATDrawing, CATProduct, CGR, JT, PRT
Video-FormatsAVI, MP4, MPEG, MPG, MOV

1. Click on "AssetBox" Tab
2. In the AssetBox, click the "+" symbol in the upper left corner

3. Click on "Drag file here or click to upload" and select your 3D model to upload or 4. 

4. Share asset

5. Upload

To finish the process just click on "UPLOAD". Now your asset should be in the AssetBox, which you can view both in the 3D

preview and via the Mixed Reality Viewer in your own environment.