Assistance Portal - Create Organization [EN]

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You need at minimum one Organization for creating Mix Assistance Sessions.

Click on the "CREATE ORGANIZATION" button. 


It will display a Wizard where you can start entering the name of your organization. The organization name could be a team, a department or a company. 

Enter now your Invoice address to save yourself a lot of trouble with accounting. 

Sometimes a fixed budget is defines by your company. For that reason, we give you the opportunity to define a payment airbag to secure your defines budge. If you don't need an airbag, please skip this step - it's optional.

You're almost done. Just confirm, that you have entered the correct information. You can edit all informations about your organization at any time.

By clicking on the "CONFIRM" button, will your Organization be created.

The created Organization will be displayed on the Table below. Now you can create sessions on Mix Assistance.

While you are in the trial phase, you can create unlimited concurrent sessions without paying anything.