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Price Model - Mix Assistance - One Demand (One Time Fee € 0,001)

                                          Monthly invoicing2

Peak Concurrency4Cost Per Participant
First 100€ 53,10
Next 400€ 48,67
Next 1,000€ 39,82
Next 1,500€ 26,55

1The one-time payment includes the usage license for MIX Assistance. The payment is non-refundable.
2The invoice will be issued for a full month of use.
3A participant is a user who participates in an active session.
4Concurrency is the number of participants who participate in parallel active sessions. For invoicing purposes, the highest number of parallel participants over all sessions in the current month is taken.

                                                      Price Model Example

                                            Day 22 of the current month with 10 parallel participants.

The total price for the example calculation is made up as follows:

 10 parallel participants    x     € 53,10   =    € 531,00 / Month